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Susan Werb, Owner of Susan Werb Test Prep Expert, Perfect Scorer on SAT, ACT and GMAT College Entrance Exams
 High-Stakes Tests Don't Have to be CATastrophes!
  • Do you want to work directly with an expert?

  • Do you think you are "just not good at taking tests?"

  • Do you want to overcome anxiety and gain confidence?

  • Do you want to score a lot higher but don't have a lot of time?

  • Have you been frustrated by ineffective tutors or virtual videos?

  • Do you want to master multiple approaches and improve your timing?

  • Do you want to learn specific strategies, skills and steps to solve problems? 

  • Have you wasted time and money on generic programs or pointless classes?


Learn "Test Think"


     Knowing content and format is the way to get good grades on school tests, but it's not enough - and sometimes not even necessary - to beat standardized tests. Understanding how these tests are made is crucial to success. The bottom line is that they are really just tests of how well you know the test! Different tests also tend to favor different learning preferences and testing styles. Picking which tests to take and when to take them is an important part of a personalized preparation plan.

     I am an expert in deconstructing and demystifying high-stakes tests by teaching techniques, tools, tips, and tricks that transform pressure into performance. My methods are original and effective: they are based on inside information, backed by brain research and bring about better results. I teach specific strategies, skills and steps to successfully solve unfamiliar problems and outsmart tests. I demonstrate how test components are designed, how to exploit weaknesses in test construction, how to predict questions but why not to predict answers, how to spot the clues within the problems and answer choices, how to identify types of questions and the best order to do them, when to guess, how to improve odds, and how to increase speed while maintaining accuracy.  My students learn multiple approaches to attack problems by applying consistent methods, using helpful mnemonics and avoiding common traps. 

Be Prepared, Not Scared!


Standardized test scores do not correlate with IQ, college GPA, job salary, career satisfaction, or lifetime happiness, but they do determine the number and size of doorways to future possibilities. High scores can make up for unimpressive grades; unfortunately a high GPA does not compensate for low test scores.


Furthermore, the amount and availability of financial aid continue to decrease while admissions selectivity, competition and requirements increase. Expert test prep is a valuable investment that pays for itself. In the past 25 years, my clients have earned over $100M in scholarships, admissions to their top choice schools including premier state schools and Ivy League universities, and recognition by the National Merit Scholarship Program. They have achieved gains as high as 420 points on the SAT (240 points on a single section), and 8 points on the ACT (12 points on a single section), often in less than 1/3 of the time required for comparable results.

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